A one-stop shop delivering turnkey solutions

A one-stop shop delivering turnkey solutions

DTales is ideally positioned to provide an all-in-one integrated solution, supporting you in every step of your training process - from defining your objectives and creating bespoke learning content to delivering your courses through our proprietary LMS platform and reviewing user data reports.

Our dedicated team of e-Learning specialists, digital entertainment experts, artists, designers and programmers will be at your full disposal, offering timely, reliable and effective consulting services.

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All the DTales LMS solutions include a dedicated Account Manager and 12 months of technical support, with requests answered within 24 hours.

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Third-party LMS Management

Third-party LMS Management

In addition to offering a proprietary LMS platform designed to accommodate the most diverse requirements, ranging from standard to ad hoc implementations, we provide advice and support on customizing, managing and updating third-party or open-source LMS solutions, such as Success Factor and Moodle.

Let us handle the technical chores of setting up and delivering your courses and just focus on creating your learning content! Or simply entrust that to DTales too…

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Third-party LMS Management

e-Learning courses and content creation

DTales designs and produces high-quality, SCORM-compliant e-Learning content, from individual Learning Objects to complete courses covering processes, entire product lines or soft skills.

Based on your requirements, content can be developed in:

  • Articulate
  • Native HTML5
  • ActionScript 3
  • Captivate

All our courses are designed to bring your brand or services to the fore with an elegant and distinctive presentation, by leveraging advanced interactions and easily integrating with any e-Learning platform.

In addition to standard multimedia content, such as infographics, videos or basic interactive simulations, our extensive background in software and game development enables us to offer more complex, custom-made content, such as edutainment, non-linear simulations and immersive Virtual Reality training.

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e-Learning implementation, onboarding and in-house sponsorship

e-Learning implementation, onboarding and in-house sponsorship

Classroom-based learning and Distance Learning are rarely seen as equals: most people still think that instructor-led courses are more effective and fear that e-Learning requires a mature audience, capable of managing their own training.

The truth is that, on top of the advanced monitoring and reporting tools which come with e-Learning, the latter’s success in an organization’s training program is bound to the support of in-house sponsors or the proactive involvement of the HR department, who are supposed to champion the use of the new learning platform.

Where specialized internal resources are not available, trusted advisors are needed to assist organizations in deploying a successful e-Learning strategy.

DTales will offer you guidance and support in every step of the way:

  1. migrating from other e-Learning platforms or training environments,
  2. finding the best solution that fits your requirements, long-term goals and target behaviors,
  3. coaching your staff to go through a process of cultural and organizational change
  4. delivering a really engaging learning experience,
  5. providing suitable tools to gradually fine-tune and monitor your training program and measure the effectiveness of your e-Learning strategy.

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