DTales LMS

What it is and how it works

Our LMS is based on proprietary technology granting you maximum flexibility and is designed to deliver SCORM-compliant courses, supporting 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese).

A lean and efficient platform, the DTales LMS is highly adaptable and easily customizable based on your requirements, starting from setup and deployment options including both Cloud-based and in-house hosting solutions.

In addition to a versatile learning content management system, allowing reference documents to be downloaded in PDF format to complement or support multimedia courses, our LMS leverages a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which dynamically optimizes delivery, by bringing content closer to each learner, making it faster to use and preventing bandwidth issues or sudden peaks of traffic.

It also includes a LRS (Learning Record Store), that is a recording system synching up any learning activity carried out from any device connected to the platform, be it a computer with a web browser or a smartphone/tablet running a dedicated app.

LRS integration is ideal for professionals who are always on the go, such as consultants or sales representatives, and it goes along with the increasingly popular Bring-Your-Own-Device trend, which entails employees using their personal devices at work. Basically, the DTales LMS allows for training anywhere, anytime: you can start a course at your desk in the office, keep it going on the road and complete it in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to our nifty offline caching and auto-sync feature for mobile devices, you do not even need an Internet connection all the time!


More on Mobile Learning: mobile APIs and container app

By installing the DTales container app on their iOS, Android or Windows devices, learners can access courses on the go (m-Learning), by downloading them and then using them both online and offline. Our mobile APIs interact with the LMS platform allowing it to communicate with any device running the container app and to record any progress made, even offline, by synching up as soon as a connection is available.

Security guarantee

In order to protect your confidential information, the DTales LMS complies to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) security principles. The platform's integrity has been verified with strict penetration tests by certified professionals, who simulated a malicious attack to expose any vulnerabilities before they are actually exploited.


The DTales LMS leverages Microsoft Azure's built-in backup and restore capabilities, which reduce the need to perform manual backups of learning content and the risk of accidental course data corruption or cancellation, allowing you to quickly recover from any disaster or human error.

DTales Advanced LMS

The advanced edition of our LMS adds the Gamification
and Q&A modules to the basic features.

gamification icon

The Gamification module allows you to apply Game Design principles and mechanics to your training courses in order to boost learners' engagement and motivation by leveraging their natural instinct to compete and thus making learning more effective and enjoyable.

Q & A icon

The Q&A Module allows learners' communities to collaborate and share knowledge by asking questions and providing answers regarding any course or subject matter, besides voting other users' posts up or down.


Gamification Dashboard

The Dashboard is the core of our Gamification module, which integrates with the DTales LMS platform through the Gamification APIs, and allows you to set parameters for the following operations:

  • Generating keys for API calls;
  • Creating JavaScritp, PHP and Postman packages for APIs;
  • Setting metrics, points, levels, required thresholds, badges and leaderboard requirements;
  • Exporting data relating to users, groups, metrics, levels and leaderboards (in Excel format);
  • Managing users and setting roles and privileges (Administrators get unrestricted access, Developers get access to keys, code and metrics, Viewers get access to user data and stats).

The Q&A section

The users' freedom in the Q&A section may be restricted based on points thresholds set in the Gamification module, that is based on the level of knowledge in a given area or task: you can only post a question or an answer when you attain the required score and the same goes for voting other posts up or down.

The Q&A section itself is "gamified" and any action earns you points: posting a question or voting up an answer can increase your score.

Additional Integrated Tools

(included in the DTales LMS offer)


Glossary Builder

Our Glossary Builder is a Web app to create custom glossaries - including term definitions, notes on usage, images and cross-reference links - that can be exported as stand-alone SCORM or HTML5 packages.

A standardized terminology is a key element of any successful learning activity and it is vital to convey the essence of your brand and the values of your company: building your brand through consistent wording and terminology both inside and outside of your organization is absolutely essential for onboarding and compliance courses.


Translation Editor

Multinational corporations and companies marketing their products or services worldwide must create multi-language learning content and share it across multiple regions simultaneously. e-Learning has made that easier and faster, although localization is still a cumbersome process.

Forget about cloning or exporting every single course in order to translate it! Our integrated Translation Editor lets you edit multi-language content in real time - both in the source and target languages - and you can even edit the user interface text. That simplifies and streamlines the localization process, while also reducing costs.