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Help Rapunzel escape!


Help the lovely Rapunzel escape from the tower where the evil witch has held her captive for years!

Play and interact with the characters of this amazing fairy tale, retold by Jekolab and Digital Tales! You will fight the witch and help the loving prince save his beautiful long-haired beauty.

This application was developed and certified by the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Turin - Department of Educational and learning technologies.

Available on:


Key Features

Fun and easy to use and play!

Compose and play the music for the app, and play with Rapunzel's hair!

3 languages supported: English, French and Italian, with the option to select different languages for audio and text, which turns the application into a valuable educational tool to develop comprehension and learn foreign languages

Toggle the Voice option on and off to hear the narrator telling the story or just follow the text on screen



How to play


To access the App Menu (*), just tap or drag up the tab located at the bottom of the screen.

To exit the Menu, simply tap anywhere outside the window.

You can access any Menu item by tapping on the corresponding icon

To exit a Menu page, simply tap anywhere outside it.

(*) On Windows8 just open the standard Windows8 Options Menu on the right of the screen to access the App options.

Pages index

Browse the pages of the tale dragging right/left and tap any thumbnail to directly access the corresponding page.


Tap to set your preferred language(s) for text and audio.


This menu includes the following items:

  • Music: enable/disable background music.
  • Sound effects: enable/disable audio effects.
  • Read it to me: enable/disable narrator's voice.
  • Turn my page: enable/disable automatic page turning once the narration is over and all the required interactions have been carried out.
  • Bookmark: enable/disable page bookmarking, which allows you to restart the app exactly where you left it. If this option is disabled, the tale will start from the beginning every time you launch the app.


Tap this icon to display the App's credits.