SBK15 Official Mobile Game

Unleash your inner speed demon!

"SBK15 moves at just the right speed, and gives you enough to do that you'll be happy to cling on to it for a good long while."
Pocket Gamer
“SBK15 comes across as a solid racing game"
Windows Central

With over 4.5 million downloads under its belt and the support of passionate fans worldwide, the SBK Official Mobile Game is back for a new season. Join the fray in the 2015 eni FIM Superbike World Championship: pick the bike of your dreams from the biggest brands in the world (Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, MV Agusta, BMW) and hit the track! Ride shoulder to shoulder with the big guys, such as former champions Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli! Break their records in Challenge Mode or push yourself to the limit in the new Time Attack Mode and don’t be afraid to unleash your inner speed demon!

Offering cross-platform compatibility and an advanced bike handling model based on player feedback, SBK15 is the next installment to the officially licensed, high-octane motorcycle racer on mobile.

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Key Features

13 WSBK rounds, including the brand-new Chang International Circuit in Thailand

24 elite riders grouped in 14 racing teams

4 game modes, namely Championship, Quick Race, Challenge and Time Attack

Enhanced physics engine

Cross-save and cross-play on iOS and Windows Phone devices

Maximum control flexibility, with 9 configurations including gyroscope and virtual controls

Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects



Control Settings


Steer by tilting the device in the desired direction. Modify the riding sensitivity in settings.

Virtual Joystick

Steer by dragging the Virtual Joystick in the desired direction. Modify the riding sensitivity under Settings.


Tap the left side of the screen to brake. The longer you tap the more powerful the braking becomes.


Tap the brake button to brake. The longer you hold it down the sharper the braking becomes.


Tap the right side of the screen to accelerate. The longer you tap the more powerful the acceleration becomes.


Tap the throttle button to accelerate. The longer you hold it down the more powerful the acceleration becomes.

Virtual Joystick

Accelerate by dragging the virtual joystick up to the green zone. Brake by dragging it down to the red zone.


Wheelie: Accelerate and tilt the device up to perform a wheelie.


Stoppie: Brake and tilt the device down to perform a stoppie.

Virtual Joystick

Accelerate and drag the Virtual Joystick up to perform a wheelie or brake and drag it down to perform a stoppie.


Tap the Timer in the top-left corner to pause the game during a race.


Tap the Camera Icon to change camera view.


Hold the icon in the bottom of the screen down to switch to rear view.

Head Up Display (HUD)

During a race the Head Up Display shows you important information including your race position, number of laps and total race time.


The Mini-Map shows your position on the circuit in relation to the start/finish line and to other racers.


The Timer shows your current lap time.


Position indicates your current race position.


It indicates the number of laps you have completed and the total number of race laps.


The Speedometer shows your current speed. Use this to help yourself handling corners.

The Checkpoint Times displayed under the Timer provide a comparison between your best lap in the session and the gaps between you and the riders in front of and behind you.

In Settings you can choose to receive brake assistance, high speed warnings at the start of each turn or have complete control of your bike.


Turn Indicators are displayed whenever you approach a turn. Their colour indicates the turn difficulty.


Riders will battle for the best placing on the grid, with the combined times in free practice to play a bigger role in the chase for pole position.


At the end of Free Practice the top 10 riders qualify for TISSOT-SUPERPOLE2. The riders from 11th to 20th place will participate in TISSOT-SUPERPOLE1. The remaining riders will be placed directly in the last 7 spots on the starting grid.


At the end of TISSOT-SUPERPOLE1 the top 2 riders qualify for TISSOT-SUPERPOLE2, whereas the other riders will be placed directly on the starting grid in spots 13 to 20.


At the end of TISSOT-SUPERPOLE2 The rider order will determine the top 12 spots on the starting grid. The rider with the best time will take pole position.


At the end of a Championship Race the top 15 riders will earn points (25, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Pts) which will add up throughout the Championship to decide who the Champion will be. There will also be secondary standings for the Best EVO Rider.