Bravura - Quest Rush

Side-scrolling RPG Frenzy

"Bravura - Quest Rush is a ton of fun. [...] you'll most likely be hacking and slashing away with a smile on your face."
Touch Arcade
“Consistently simple to play but not necessarily easy to win, Bravura – Quest Rush is a very pleasant experience."

Quest Rush is an innovative time-driven action game mixed with RPG elements. Rush through fast-paced stages of side-scrolling action - each stage lasts about 90 seconds and your goal is to complete all the quests as you slay through hordes of monsters while helping innocent bystanders. Fight against TIME to save the day and become the ultimate fantasy hero! You will be dazzled by the lightning-quick stages and challenging time-based mechanics making Bravura - Quest Rush’s gameplay super addictive, like in a fun and exciting casual running game.

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Key Features

Experience a side-scrolling Action RPG with fast-paced gameplay

Collect and customize your party with a unique “Companion System”

Harness time as the key that dynamically affects high scores, stage difficulty and quests

Unlock plenty of powers and goodies to break new records

Challenge the extra Frontier stages, featuring random quests and rare loot

Tap to interact, swipe to unleash special attacks with intuitive touch controls

Enjoy cartoon graphics, sporting visually stunning 2D backgrounds enriched with a convex mirror effect



General and technical info

1) What is the exact size of the app?
109 MB

2) How do you pause the game during a stage?
Tap the Pause symbol in the top-left corner of the stage screen. From the Pause menu, you can resume, exit or restart the stage.  Please note that, if you exit or restart a stage, your progress will be lost.

3) What happens when you erase a save slot from the Save menu?
If you erase a save slot, the associated profile data will be eliminated and you will be able to create a new game. You will not lose any Gems, because they are not connected to individual save files.

4) What happens if you Reset the game from the Options menu?
If you reset the game, your saved data will be lost and you will lose all the Gems you purchased too. Basically you will start the game from scratch.

5) What is the difference between Gold Coins and Gems?
You earn Gold Coins by completing quests and/or looting enemies. Then you can spend them on character upgrades. Gems allow you to obtain some powerful items and weapons or access advanced stages earlier on in the game. They also allow you to acquire rare tokens needed to use special Summons. You start the game with a small amount of bonus Gems, but they are not easily found in the game world - you may get some through special achievements or in-app purchases though.

Gameplay Info

1) Who is the Brave Hero?
The most powerful character available, the Hero leads the whole Party onwards and can access a set of Brave Powers, inherited from his Companions.

2) What is a Party?
A party is a group of adventurers. It may include the Hero and up to 3 Companions, but not more than 1 Companion per role. Damage to any party member will result in a Bravery loss.

3) What is Bravery?
Bravery is what makes you a Hero. It is earned by helping people and lost by taking damage. When the Bravery Bar reaches zero, it is Game Over.

4) Who are the non-playing characters who keep waving and calling out, with a balloon on their heads?
They are Citizens of Geomnia. Citizens are common folks in dire need of help and the Brave Hero can assist them by accepting and completing their quests.

5) What are Quests?
Citizens charge the Brave Hero with different tasks, such as defeating enemies or collecting items. Completing such Quests grants you Bravery, Valor and Gold Coins.

6) What is a Quest Rush?
Quests have a timer and, by completing them within such time limit, the Brave Hero achieves a 'Quest Rush'. Quest Rush bonuses grant more Valor and Bravery.

7) What are Heroic Quests?
A Brave Hero rushing at Bravery Level 3 can activate 'Heroic' versions of normal Quests. Heroic Quests are harder but reward the Hero with much more Valor.

8) What is Valor?
By running through stages, defeating monsters and saving the day, the Hero earns Valor points, his most important achievement.

9) What is a Tank?
Tank characters stand as a shield to the Brave Hero, blocking close-range attacks in his stead. They are less effective as damage dealers, though.

10) What is an Attacker?
Attackers are able to hit enemies hard, from a distance. They are great when it comes to dealing damage, but they are more vulnerable.

11) What is a Supporter?
Supporters can restore lost Bravery with their healing powers. Sadly, they are vulnerable to direct damage because of their low defense.

12) What about Combat Edges?
All characters and monsters have their edge - Physical, Magical or Balanced - indicating their combat style. Edges make quite the difference on the battlefield.

13) How does the Edge System work?
Physical attacks are strong against physical defenses, but weak against magical ones. Magic spells are strong against magical targets, but less effective against physical armor. Balanced characters have no strong nor weak points. That means they are never at a disadvantage but never have the upper hand, either.

14) What is a Unity Bonus?
Each Class grants the party a unique bonus, referred to as 'Unity Bonus'. Such bonuses are always active as long as the Companions are alive and well.

15) What about this Legendary Scarf?
A legendary artifact allowing the Brave Hero to inherit unique skills from the Companions joining him. A new Brave Power can be learned from each class.

16) What is a Brave Power?
Brave Powers have different effects, such as direct damage or power-ups. The Brave Hero can choose any of the Class Skills he has unlocked.

17) How do Upgrades work?
By spending Gold Coins, the Brave Hero and his Companions can train to improve their traits and level up. Upgrades are permanent and each character follows his/her own upgrade path.

18) What is an Arcane Summon?
The Brave Hero can call forth supernatural beings to unleash their mighty powers, by consuming a magical token each time he performs an arcane summon. Such tokens can only be acquired with Gems.

19) What are Gems?
While Gold Coins are the commoners' trade, Gems represent a very special currency, giving you access to amazing wonders.

20) What is the Vault?
On their perilous journey, the party may stumble upon rare, invaluable findings, which are stored in the Vault. Once unlocked, they don't need to be equipped, as they will permanently add their bonuses to a specific class, or the whole party.

Tips & Tricks

    • You lose Bravery when you are hit: no matter who gets damaged, the whole party loses Bravery. Moreover your Bravery slowly decays over time, past level one, but it can be earned back by completing quests.
    • Your running speed depends on your Bravery Level, so keep it high to run faster!
    • Caged citizens must be rescued before you can activate their Quests.
    • Heroic Quests increase your total score and earn you more Gold Coins. To activate them, keep your Bravery high.
    • If one stage is giving you trouble, tackle it with a different Party and a new Brave Power or change world altogether for a break.
    • All enemies may drop Gold Coins when defeated.
    • At the end of a stage, the Citizens you helped will reward you with coins
    • Obtain all Quest Rush bonuses in a single stage to achieve 3 Stars.
    • When in trouble, play it safe and forget about Quest timers.
    • To close a very large valve, keep on tapping until it breaks.
    • Sometimes a single tap is all you need to reveal hidden items.
    • Focus on your enemies first, and your quest objectives later.
    • The faster you defeat an enemy, the less damage it will do to you.
    • Watch for clues in your enemies' attacks, a well-timed dodge can save your party.
    • Use Dashing attacks to quickly engage enemies such as Demolishers or Shooters.
    • Find the best suited edge against each enemy.
    • When something bad is about to happen, back away!
    • Magic attacks are stronger against magical enemies, but weak against high armor.
    • Physical attacks are stronger against solid defenses, but weak against magical beings.
    • Slower, special attacks expose all of your characters.
    • Heavy attacks and Dive attacks have a chance to stun your target.
    • Long-range attacks are safer, but deal less damage than close-range attacks.
    • Do not rely too much on Dashing attacks, as they expose you.
    • When in trouble, try to keep a distance and use ranged attacks.
    • You can counter enemy bullets by tapping them: always keep an eye on incoming bullets, since a well-timed counter can spare your Bravery! Most importantly, keep bullets away from your Supporter Companions.
    • Sometimes your targets may be concealed by the environment. Watch out!
    • Harvest quests require you to keep the cargo safe, which may be hard because explosions and other damage will hurt your cargo too.
    • The Pyrododo summon engulfs everything in flames, causing special damage.
    • Certain Powers or enemies cause special damage, effective against all combat edges.
    • Brave Powers have a variety of effects, ranging from damage to healing.
    • Beware, certain enemies can hit the whole party at once!
    • Some enemies use high-damaging bullets, so watch out for them!
    • When you see an exclamation point, your enemy is about to strike a mighty blow!
    • Oil puddles cannot be damaged. Your only option is to jump over them.
    • Jump to avoid napalm oils on the floor. It is strongly recommended you do!
    • Frost Spikes cannot be damaged. You must jump over them.
    • Striders are very dangerous opponents, so avoid engaging them in close combat. Ranged attacks are the best way to deal with them but you cannot attack Striders before they reveal themselves. Lure them out first!
    • Red-colored Peons explode when they die. Dodge out before that!
    • Do not defeat Bombs in close combat, they self-destruct! When close to a Bomb that is about to explode, back away to escape the blast. It is risky to Dive attack a bunch of Bombs, keep that in mind too.
    • Engage a Demolisher as soon as possible to prevent it from tossing more bombs. Tap a Demolisher Bomb before it explodes in your party's face.
    • Flamers will engulf your party in flames, so use Dashing attacks at your risk. Try to engage them from above instead, use Dive attacks to stun them.
    • Oil Pests move around, trying not to get caught.
    • Keep away from Freeze Peons when they explode!
    • Icy enemies can slow you down with their attacks.
    • Do not engage a Vikingoil in close combat without a backup plan, stun it to interrupt its dangerous attacks.
    • Phantasms are more vulnerable at a distance than at close range. Moreover they will most likely obliterate anyone drawing too close.
    • Find the Companions that better suit your playstyle.
    • With time, Companions may pass a unique power down to the Brave Hero, so take them with you long enough to learn. Try different Companions to unlock all the Legacy Powers!
    • Each Companion gives the party a unique Unity Bonus and has a different edge – some use magic, others brute force. So experiment with different Companions and their combat edges!
    • Shooters' magical attacks are strong, but it takes time to cast them.
    • Balanced characters' attacks have no weak nor strong points.
    • Your Attacker Companions can attack enemies from a distance.
    • Slower Companions may sometimes be left behind. Wait for them!
    • Your Supporter Companions can restore some of the Bravery you lose in combat, but they cannot heal while running. Attack from a distance to give them a chance to heal the party.
    • Your Tank Companions shield the Brave Hero from close combat attacks, but they cannot protect him when he rushes ahead alone.
    • If a stage feels too difficult, upgrade your characters. Upgrades are key! Do not face harder stages without first upgrading.
    • Each Companion follows his/her own upgrade path.